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Open University Petar Zrinski is continuously creating and operating projects in close cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship, Croatian Employment Service, Croatian Chamber of Economy, and the Ministry of Tourism. Furthermore, Petar Zrinski was a partner in CARDS 2004 Adult Learning Project which was funded by the EC CARDS 2004 programme, conducted in the period 2007-2009.

In association with the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship, Open University Petar Zrinski has created a programme "Education for Entrepreneurship" – with the main aim to educate entrepreneurs on various essential themes; from the firm establishment to staff management and finances. The project was composed of the following seminars: Defining direction of the entrepreneur development, Marketing, Business plan, Project management, Negotiating and communicating skills, Risk management, Staff management, New business venture, Merging towards success, Quality management, Brand development, and Debt management.

In 2008 Open University Petar Zrinski made and preformed a project that was financed by the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship "Children's Days of Entrepreneurship" which was organized in 4 Croatian cities. The Programme involved children in basic schools and it consisted of the following themes: banning violence in schools, friendship, obligations, successful learning, etc. Around 300 children took part in the Programme and at the end of it each of them received certification of attendance. The programme "Children's Days of Entrepreneurship" was organised in 2009 in 3 secondary schools and 3 kindergartens.

Project "Qualification Programmes for the Unemployed" was conducted in cooperation with the Croatian Employment Service. The main goal was to contribute to the Croatian employment market by providing education that is certified and written in the Workbook (the book which each employee in Croatia owns) and which enhances their chances to get a new and better job. Two programmes were offered: Qualification Programme for the Sales agents and Qualification Programme for the Business secretary. In 2008 the Croatian Employment Service, in cooperation with "Petar Zrinski", organized 2 groups of attendees for Sales agents and 2 groups for Business secretaries. Petar Zrinski organized 40 hours of excellent and practical lectures within companies. Some of the attendees received job offers during their practical work in the companies. In general, "Petar Zrinski" has had a successful and long-term cooperation with the Croatian Employment Service. In collaboration with the Croatian Employment Service, throughout the year 2008, a group of the unemployed had been successfully incorporated by "Petar Zrinski" in the seminars of the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship. The group had regularly attended lectures, workshops and common projects. On 25th March, 2008, the Croatian Employment Service organized a Business fair in Zagreb where "Petar Zrinski" took part with its main aim to attract the unemployed people and to introduce them with various companies (potential business providers) and educational institutions.

The project "Croatian Export Offensive" was conducted in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Economy. The main aim was to provide education and training covering a wide range of themes: general overview of the regional and EU market, intellectual property rights, branding, market research, etc. The following seminars were conducted: Market research, Creation of a good export plan, Intellectual property rights protection, Financing export and international terms of payment, and Customs procedure and origin of goods.

The project "Education of rural population as an incentive for the rural tourism development" was conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism. The main goal was to educate rural population about tourism opportunities and to enhance the tourism capacity by informal ways of entrepreneurial education.

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