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Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial competences are an imperative nowadays, which present the backbone for the development of the modern society.

By modern and innovative approach to education the University College of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management Nikola Subic Zrinski (UCEEM-NSZ) enables students for practical use of expert knowledge, skills and business techniques.

Theoretical and particularly practical knowledge that will be obtained here, whether individually or by team work, will enable you for fast, efficient and safe integration into the world of sustainable economy, constant changes, huge competition and global interests.

Syllabus and the study programme of UCEEM-NSZ provide students with entrepreneurial knowledge and skills which on the one hand increase the longevity of the business organization in which they work, and on the other hand contribute to their participation in the social community. Namely, in order to increase students' competitiveness, the programme combines theory and practice so the all the second year students start up their Small and Medium Enterprise.

The UCEEM-NSZ contains the Student Business Incubator, a pool of mentors, experts in various areas ranging from entrepreneurship, communication, languages, culture, agronomy, etc. The Student Business Incubator is under auspices of Croatian Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship and Croatian Chamber of Economy. In line with the syllabus of UCEEM-NSZ and following the European and world directives for fostering entrepreneurship, the Student Business Incubator is initiated as the central advisory body to provide organisational and advising help in managing a company.

Furthermore, the UCEEM-NSZ is the part of an institutional system for "Education for Entrepreneurship" (E4E, launched by the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

Since 2009 the UCEEM-NSZ is a holder of Erasmus University Charter and takes part in the Erasmus programme. In 2010 the UCEEM-NSZ in a partner in a project financed by the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship "Children's Days of Entrepreneurship" which was organized in 8 Croatian cities.

Previous training programs and research of the University College Nikola Subic Zrinski represent organization and realization of the programmes financed by the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship: Business Incubator in higher education; "Children's Days of Entrepreneurship" in elementary schools; "Children's Days of Entrepreneurship" in kindergartens. Experts from the University College Nikola Subic Zrinski were members of the Working group for development of the National strategy for Entrepreneurial Learning. The Strategy for Entrepreneurial Learning "Poduzetna Hrvatska" (eng. Entrepreneurial Croatia) provides a framework for creation of an educational and stimulating social environment oriented towards entrepreneurship.

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